His Heart, His Mind, His Daughter ™️

Too many of my beautiful Catholic sisters struggle with feeling unloved in life.

I understand this firsthand having experienced the crucible of abandonment and foster care as a child.

Divine Mercy intervened and completely transformed my heart and mind enabling me to experience the love, acceptance, and freedom of spiritual daughterhood in Christ!

I created this new course to walk you through a faith-friendly process that will enable you to experience the same.

It's your turn. Take your place in the family of God and start living as a beloved daughter.

Join The Waitlist Now

I recently wrapped up a successful beta launch of this brand new course for Catholic women,  His Heart, His Mind, His Daughter™️ and invite you to get on the waitlist to get notified when it opens again in the spring. Signing up eliminates worries about timely access to the guidance, wisdom, and encouragement you need to start growing in the love, acceptance, and freedom of spiritual daughterhood.  It's your turn. Sign up now!

Resources for Your Personal Development

The course includes educational resources and opportunities via Live Streams, webinars via Zoom, downloadable audios, a workbook, handouts. You can also enjoy the following resources for an additional fee: coaching, a spiritual life journal, access to a new premium membership community, and a new local mastermind group (in SWFL area only).