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Members of The Circle Can Expect:


No promoting yourself, affiliate links, services, etc. allowed--ever. It's like  pouring icy cold water over a warm, cozy, life-giving fire. Nobody appreciates it. Since there are always those who will try despite the rule-- we monitor and promptly remove violators without notice.


Developing our spiritual life and union with Jesus is highly practical! Members want to learn, reflect, and act on new knowledge through practice. We ask questions and respectfully listen to each other. Growing in an authentic relationship with Jesus happens best in a caring, accountable community. This is why we are here.


If you judge people, you have no time to love them, says St. Teresa of Calcutta. Here we agree.  Let Jesus speak. Treat others with the love and respect you desire for yourself. 

"Preaching at" or outright proselytizing is deeply annoying and unacceptable as well as grounds for dismissal from the group.

Access to This Private Circle of Magnanimous Sisters is Free! You Also Get:

* Weekly Themes and Q & A
Focused Discussions Based on Podcast Episodes
* Practical Tips & Encouragement

* Early Access to Savvy New Resources  

* Caring, Like-minded Peer Support


These essential, non-negotiable rules are about creating a community environment that's safe, vibrant, caring, and strong! Joining the Ocean of Mercy Podcast Circle on Facebook means you agree with what we stated above and ALL of the following RULES:


Zero Promoting & Selling

Absolutely no promoting (yours or others') social media handles, urls, (free or paid), blog, webinars/events, or survey links, polls, videos or live streams at all. This includes "viral" quotes, images, etc. PM offers, requests or other solicitation-based communication will be removed and you banned.  As owner of the group and community we reserve the right to close comments and/or delete inappropriate comments--as well as promote that which we deem beneficial to the group.


Problematic Behavior

Made in the image of God, everyone deserves to have their person, feelings, and privacy treated with the highest regard. Profanity, hostile or offensive posting of any nature means banning you PERMANENTLY.

Trolling and verbal attacks against God’s Holy Name, His people (Catholic, Protestant, or other communities of faith), His Catholic Church, the Blessed name of Mary, the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Sacred Scripture (the Bible), His servant Pope Francis, and an overall lack of respect for the sacredness of human life also results in banning you from the community.


 Contribute Constructively

Remember, Jesus is a present God. He sees you, hears you, and desires to help you and other members. So, to the degree that you can, give useful feedback and ideas. Listen genuinely as you read a post. Don't turn a post into an opportunity to debate. The group is a debate-free zone. Share your experience rather than advice. This way people can take what they need from the gift of your shared experience. And, Jesus can make use of it too as he sees fit.


Do Not Preach

We’re here to listen for God’s voice in our souls. Let Jesus talk. He speaks beautifully for Himself in the soul when we are simply ourselves in conversation. He only asks that we trust in His goodness. He knows how and when to show up for you and the other members of the group. Trust.


Manage Yourself Always

All members are expected to manage themselves at all times. This community is not offering therapy, counseling, or mental health care, and the group facilitator is not functioning as a mental health professional, nor is the group intended as a replacement for counseling, psychiatric interventions, treatment for mental illness, abuse recovery, professional medical advice, financial advice, or legal counsel. Please see our policy on this.

You accept full responsibility for any actions or inactions you decide to take as a participant. You understand that all your decisions are exclusively yours and that your actions are your responsibility at all times. In essence, you are committed to taking good care of yourself for your wellbeing, as well as for the glory of God.

  7 Smart Group Practices

1. Be yourself, be intentional, and pray.

2. Expect God's help in meeting your goals for being here.

3. Be open to learning and growing.

4. Check in daily so members get to know you.

4. Be genuine in your posts and thoughtful in your feedback.

5. Remember, you aren't the only one feeling empty, fearful, silly, or ignorant.

6. Manage your boundaries and privacy always.

7. Apply what you learn. Share your results. Ask for prayer.


About Your Organizer...

Welcome, I'm Crystal.

We all need to personally encounter Jesus in order to know (experientially) the deepest reason for being and thereby strive to realize our great potential.

Having successfully guided others individually, in groups, and through programs for years as a psychotherapist specializing in marriage and family work, I can assure you that all of us—without exception—hunger to be loved and affirmed by God. In his holy Incarnation, God made himself intimately accessible  to us. He did it to embrace you and me in Mercy, and to elevate us. To make us truly great human beings--children of God!

I've spent my whole life (really) searching for meaning, mercy, and love—and found it all in intimate friendship with Jesus Christ. Now, my joy and call is to support, mentor, and guide other women like me striving to live and love wholeheartedly as daughters of God.  It wasn't always this way for me. Read my story...

You're here because...


 You want to connect, grow, and explore wholehearted living with other bright, high-minded women of God who exercise professional leadership through executive management of departments, programs, or entire organizations. You want a private, supportive, and prayerful place where you can realize your potential for personal and moral excellence. You seek to be all God created you to be. Welcome to YOUR tribe my magnanimous sister!

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