Three High-Priority Areas for Magnanimous Women

Nov 30, 2019

You are God’s gemstone and He wants you to shine with the radiance and beauty of heaven. In this episode I discuss the three essential ways for you to participate wholeheartedly in this divine undertaking. I call them...

  • The magnanimous decision
  • The magnanimous practice
  • The magnanimous deeds (work) 

After briefly introducing the three areas, I explain what each means and what makes them so essential to living a magnanimous life for our Lord. To give you a thorough look at each of these I give examples from my own life and my struggle to be all in with Christ and on His terms. I decided to make each deeper dive a standalone episode for you, otherwise it would simply be too long.

So, in this episode we look carefully at the magnanimous decision to be all in with God on his terms and at what gets in the way (complete with personal examples from my own life). I will do the same thing again--give you an intimate look at the practice of virtue and more examples from my own experience, sacred scripture, and other pertinent resources as needed to paint a good picture for you in the episode that will follow this one. 

Why? Because this is the promising path for us high-achieving daughters of God. Our temperament is a marvelous gift to us from God which cannot be fulfilled or fully realized for his glory and our wellbeing apart from Him.

Because too many high-achieving women are misguided and searching for ways to direct their inner drive and are suffering from burnout, overwhelm, and misuse of it. But for the grace of God that would have been me...should have been me.

But, because of His love and grace...I'm here instead...very happy, contented with my inner drive because I fully embrace His plan for my temperament and the virtues that complete it. As a result I can now share how these same high-priority areas have made the difference for me and will for you as well.

God the Father created us, Jesus Christ the Son redeemed us, and the Holy Spirit sanctifies us that we may glorify God through our high-achieving nature. May the wondrous grace of God shape and strengthen each of us magnanimous daughters through the virtues of magnanimity and humility.

Listen Now! May the Lord inspire and strengthen you in this conversation.

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