The Magnanimous Woman Manifesto

Nov 30, 2019

In this end of Season 1 Episode, I share my Magnanimous Woman Manifesto, a compelling Life Ideal for professional women who lead through executive management or oversight of a department, program, or an entire organization--for whom personal and moral excellence matter.

If you are someone who has always aimed high or strived to do great things all your life, you are likely a magnanimous soul. Especially if you seem "driven" to conquer the summit of professional achievement and personal excellence. The means is as important as the end to you. You are constantly inspiring and uplifting everyone in you sphere of strive for personal greatness and delight in helping others to do the same. Alexander Havard defines people like this as magnanimous.

I'm one of these souls, and I suspect you are too!

Even as a child, I seemed to live in a perpetual state of wonder about things I could experience through my senses--and those beyond the natural world of touch, taste, sight, and sound--beyond science. I longed to encounter God...personally and beyond the created order of his creation...I wanted to know the Great heart and mind behind it all!

My mom had said I had a keen mind...and that it was a gift that needed to be developed and put to work in service of the good.

Years later, after a magnanimous career serving I am with a new beautiful calling to support other like-minded magnanimous women leaders, thanks be to God. The Magnanimous Woman Manifesto is a coming together of all these life experiences, so to speak. It's a work in progress and inspired by the genius of Alexandre Havard and my husband who introduced me to Havard nearly 7 years ago...a work I seek to do under the leadership of the Holy support other magnanimous women leaders and sisters in Christ.

I wrote this Manifesto just for you. And, in Season 2 of this podcast we'll explore and discuss this remarkable lifestyle which I call simply living magnanimously in union with Christ--the source of our hope, healing, and ongoing transformation in life. Listen now and get your copy of the Magnanimous Woman Manifesto. Then join us in the Podcast Circle of magnanimous women to explore, learn, and grow in our understanding and practice of this beautiful life ideal.

I welcome your questions, comments, and can't wait to surround you with support and friendship!

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Join the Ocean of Mercy Circle, This is my new community for professional women who lead through executive oversight and management of departments, programs, or organizations ...and seek to attain personal and moral excellence through intimate friendship with Jesus Christ. Here we support your aspirations to strive for greatness in who you are (your character) --and through what you do (your work)!

This is the place for magnanimous women--women striving wholeheartedly to be the difference in their families, communities, and the world! If this resonates with you, we’re your tribe…your circle of magnanimous sisters, welcome!

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