The LORD is My Shepherd

May 26, 2021

Hello my beautiful Catholic sisters (and other dear sisters of faith)! I know it's been some time since I've blogged. I've been busy with family life, launching my son into college (3rd year now, yay!) and my hubby's cool podcast (Freedom and Virtue, the Podcast), updating my website and clarifying my purpose for being online personally and as a business. I've also been slowing down to live and work at a much more intentional pace of peace and prayerfulness—something I've been praying to our LORD about for a while now.  Thankfully, it's taking hold.

And, I don't recall mentioning this here on my blog, but I did briefly in my Ocean of Mercy podcast—that I'm in the process of becoming a lay Carmelite with Apostolie Viae. To date, I've made my second year promise with this beautiful and holy Community and look forward to continuing this priceless journey with our LORD.

A few weeks back, I shared a little of my testimonial of growing up in the crucible of foster care at the tender age of two, following the tragic death of my father, and how it left me struggling with profound pain and an overall sense of being unloved, unwanted, abandoned, and alone in life until Christ the LORD became my Deliverer and most cherished friend.

The feedback from sharing my testimonial made me realize that many women are suffering from this same affliction and hidden pain.  Although the crucible is different for each woman, the outcome is the same--a deeply rooted mistaken belief of being unloved, unwanted, and alone in life.

This is where I desire to focus my services. This is the work He has vetted me for and called me to do together with Him in the divine vineyard. The Sacred Heart of Christ longs to be our set us free. This is nothing less than a message of Divine Mercy. It's my message to my suffering sisters in Christ, beloved sisters, and daughters of tribe. Christ has set me free and has sent me to help you get free too.

Therefore, I'm in the process of pivoting and directing this blog, website, and all social media use to: 

  1. Serving Catholic women who have emerged from family life crucibles feeling unloved, unwanted, abandoned or alone and are ready to move beyond it in the hope, mercy, and providence of Christ. 

  2. Providing content focused on community, personal growth for Catholic women, marriage and family life, practical, psycho-educational resources, and spiritual wellbeing rooted in the divine friendship with Jesus Christ, the source of all our healing, purpose, and peace in life.

So, if this resonates with you, words aren't adequate enough to express my joy that God has led you here. Welcome. I look forward to having you become part of this new community and to what our LORD has in store for you.

You are truly loved and cherished by God. I'm delighted to make this journey of growing strong in the love and mercy of Christ together with you. 

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