The Gift of Divine Regeneration

Aug 19, 2019

Spiritual Life, A Gift!

In divine regeneration God gives what we otherwise have no access whatsoever to--spiritual life. A quick 4th grade science lesson explains it even better! A couple of weeks ago my youngest daughter learned about an interesting life cycle process which requires just one parent for the reproduction of offspring. Everything necessary for reproducing itself is found in itself. Scientist call this astounding process by which some creatures can truly and authentically reproduce one of its own kind regeneration. I’m no science buff, but this stuff totally fascinated me! An entirely new creature develops from a separated part of the original creature. Sea stars are reproduced this way. In other words, they regenerate themselves.

Now, as discussed in part two, you and I know:

  • we can't regenerate our own souls
  • to possess that ability would make us gods—fully capable of self-existence
  • as rational beings we are incapable of such profundity
  • we're not gods, but very human and as such cannot prevent the separation of our soul from our body—a process which we all commonly know as death. God, however, can.

As we also learned, the spiritual life is divine life, the life of God in the human soul. Our interest in ourselves as spiritual beings and the possibility of growing in a spiritual life comes then from our desire…a universal desire to live forever…to be regenerated…renewed. That simple truth lies behind the intrigue we have with the  spiritual life and the spiritual world…eternal life. We want it!

God Wants Us to Live Forever

The good news is that you and I and everybody we know, love, and care about can recover the divine life. You can truly become spiritually alive, full of the divine life of God and enjoy this life anew. You can began growing spiritually beyond anything you could imagine for yourself. This is that “something more” that makes everything fall into place and finally make sense for you.

All of the talk about “finding your own path to growth and transformation” is short-sighted and useless until you first deal with the issue of the regeneration of your soul

You can never experience the union and communion with others and God that satisfies the deepest desire of your heart and meaning of your existence unless your soul is regenerated by God.

Until you can find a way to stop, indefinitely, the separation of your soul and body, the only spiritual journey ahead is that of eternal spiritual darkness or death. I don’t need to tell you that human life surrenders to death. You know this! On the other hand, death surrenders to divine life and is thereby permanently destroyed. God alone can destroy death.

Again, this is not an easy subject to talk about because we all long for life. And, that thirst for life is what makes this subject necessary and worthy of our attention.

In the depths of our souls we “know” our life should not end in death. But it does and something has gone wrong that we cannot fix.

 We were made for eternal life. We know it! God has placed this knowledge deep within us.

Accepting God's Gift is Rational, Wise, and the Greatest Act of Self-Compassion

We talk about eternal life (spiritual life) each time we talk about “self-improvement”, “holistic health”, and all the other related topics. Our most sublime ideas including hopes of finding a “fountain of youth” — lead back to the desire for the fount of eternal life. Even the quest for spiritual intelligence attempts to make sense of our existence and to make our being here deserving of the great dignity we each possess as human beings.

However, that dignity, yours and mine, deserves something more. Truth.  Remember that original one parent sea star who needs nothing other than himself to reproduce? …It teaches us something about God. God, like that parent, alone gives life to all things from Himself. He longs to regenerate you…to make you spiritually alive by sharing his divine life with you…in an embrace of merciful love eternally.

Spiritual life begins with the divine regeneration of your soul. It’s God’s gift to us—utter foolishness to those yet without it and perishing spiritually, but to those willing to believe…and to trust…not in themselves (their potential, intelligence, or anything else), but in Jesus Christ, the living, eternal Word of God—it’s the wisdom and power of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength (1Corinthians 1:18-25).

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