Stop Seeking and Start Transforming

May 31, 2018

Seeking hope, love, and Divine Friendship

Among seekers, you are unique! You aren't about the emptiness of self-exaltation...well, maybe in the past there was a wee bit of that--but you've long outgrown that syndrome (thank goodness, right). You're one-in-a-million because you believe in God. And I don't mean new-age nonsense, or "woo-woo" related spirituality, ideas, beliefs, and/or practices.

You believe in the one, true, living God—who is a Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You also believe that the man of Nazareth, Jesus Christ, is the eternal Son...the second divine Person of the Most Holy Trinity, incarnate.

Your seeking isn't about whether or not you believe anymore. Your focus is now on the relationship with its promises...the truth, and the quality of life God offers to his children. You want:

  • abundant joy for your journey
  • fearless hope for each day and the future
  • simple spiritual practices that deliver the transformation you need
  • real healing for the crap that comes your way
  • wise guidance to make the difference you're here to make
  • intimate connection to the Living God that changes you and the world around you too

That's the direction of my new podcast, Ocean of Mercy and Community on Facebook. I'm taking the journey with you so you can start transforming those areas of your life you really want to change. I openly look at the reality of living in authentic union with the Living God without fear and shame. I want you to join me with any questions, thoughts, or challenges that come up for you while reading posts here in the blog, or listening to Ocean of Mercy with me. I'm here to serve and empower you.

Sign up below for the podcast or here. See you soon!

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