Spiritual Life: Your Divine Birthright

May 31, 2018

Me, Divine Life...Birthright?

Spiritual life—like all of life—must be given to us. God, the uncreated Creator and source of all life generously endows it. Being the Author of spiritual life he gives it freely as a divine birthright to anyone humble enough to ask! In this second post of the 3-post series, I hope to help you see this clearly. Now, if you agree, the logic follows then that:

  • just as you did not create your natural life neither can you give spiritual life to your soul  
  • You cannot quicken your own soul or bring your soul to life. 
  • If you are alive spiritually God brought you to life spiritually—just as he gave you your natural life and holds you in existence from one day to the next.

In other words, if you are alive spiritually, God regenerated your soul…with His own divine life, the source of all spiritual life. Webster's online dictionary tells us that divine life flows from "that of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God".

We Have a Problem!

Spiritual life, therefore, proceeds directly from God. The human person—every single one of us—comes into this world without divine life in us.  You and I do not possess divine life apart from God! See the problem? And, given its supernatural nature, we can't solve it! Let's be honest and admit that:

  • The realm of the divine (as all things) belongs to God…not to us.
  • In and of ourselves we cannot connect with the deepest meaning of our life, God.
  • Our most brilliant ideas, ideals, scientific and technological know-how nor any other human effort can resolve this God-size problem 

What's more, the experience of perfect union and communion within ourselves, between ourselves, or our beautiful planet—and most importantly, in God, with God, or through God remains a dream without God’s direct intervention and help.

"We must be spiritually regenerated...by God." ~ Crystal

So, spiritual regeneration alone restores the spiritual life God intended as our divine birthright. To acknowledge and accept this at all takes a divine act of God itself! Really, it takes the grace of humility….

The Spiritual Life Solution Requires a Vital Shift

Take a moment now and think about this...

  • The possibility for you to experience true spiritual life begins with the willingness to acknowledge that the whole undertaking of the human potential movement fails miserably and repeatedly in it's noble goal of restoring human greatness.
  • Our true dignity results from our union and communion with the Living God as his beloved children. This great honor alone exalts the soul of the human person to the divine.
  • Divine fulfillment of your soul begins here. This one act of acknowledging human weakness and divine capability holds the only possibility of having the imago Dei in each of us restored and renewed through spiritual regeneration...an act of divine love.

However, not too many people think about this when talking about the spiritual life. Most talk about mindset ideas and strategies for changing their thinking. Stuck in the human potential dialogue they cannot impact, shift, or otherwise change the spiritual condition of their soul. Ready to move beyond this? Good because true spiritual life lies far beyond that. 

Alright, in the next and final post on the spiritual life you'll learn something priceless about God from the lowly sea star (star fish). See you in the 3rd and final post!

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