Handling the Negative Affect of Words

Jun 11, 2019

Intentional or not, the negative affect of words can hurt us deeply. They can penetrate our identity and what we think and feel about ourselves. Words that hurt us go straight to the heart almost effortlessly, don’t they?

Revenge will only impede your own healing. Ignoring real pain doesn’t work either and adds insult to injury as you turn a deaf ear to yourself and in effect declare that you don’t count as a person. What if you could learn a new way to work through painful interactions with others that not only helps you, but everyone connected to you?

A Powerful, Life-Changing Choice

The solution I practice and offer you is not a popular choice in a world where getting even feels good, and doing whatever you have to do to survive is acceptable. However, it’s a very powerful and life-changing one if you're willing to consider and practice it.

It’s simply turning to the Cross of Christ. Turning to the Cross of Christ is the best choice because it offers both consolation and restoration which is what we really seek anyway, if we are honest. Which of the two actually heals the heart anyway—revenge or consolation?

What’s the one thing we all do when we experience difficulty or pain in life? Exactly! We turn to the people whom we know love and care about us. Or, at the very least, we try to consult with those knowledgeable about these things who can offer us solutions and assistance, right?

Turning to God upon the Cross is the same kind of action, but a thousand times better!

So, how does this help?

In prayer we raised our eyes up to the wounded Savior who is on the Cross precisely for this reason—to heal us all of hearts that hurt rather than love. There are so many wonderful things that can happen in this encounter with our Crucified Lord in prayer. For example, when we take into account the injuries almighty God has received out of love for us, those who hurt us, and those whom we have also hurt—we can experience healing through an act of compassion for him in his great suffering for us all.

Having suffered more than anyone ever, and having chosen to forgive all of us for everything, we are faced with a choice to heal and become, for love of him, one who forgives and restores others too. This is a grace he gives along with the healing. In prayer, Christ, our Crucified God extends merciful love to you asking you to unite your suffering with his.

Warning! This is a beautiful, powerful time in prayer with Christ in his suffering…. His unjust suffering redeemed the world, and now yours united to his transforms your suffering into a life-giving force that can touch everyone connected to you. This merciful encounter makes it possible for you to contribute to God's healing action in the world rather than participate blindly in the world’s pain and misery.

Misery Surrenders!

The negative affect of words, along with all misery stops at the Cross in the divine embrace of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! There, God destroys our sins and transforms our suffering into a life-giving force for us and others. This is something you have to experience to know. The great passion of our Lord on the Cross is a tremendous mystery of profound love and grace. This divine act of merciful love offers healing to the whole world. But, it flows through individual souls like yours and mine…souls willing to trust him and bring our grief, pain, failures, disappointments—everything—there to him. The ocean of God’s mercy makes us channels through which it can truly touch a world adrift in infinite misery.

There is far more to this than I can explain in this short post. In my new podcast, Ocean of Mercy, I explore obstacles like these and how we can overcome them by developing an intimate friendship with Christ. Sign up Below!

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