We're On A Quest...

To Transform Ourselves, Our Families, Communities, and
The World. Join Us! 





You Were Made to Live A Bold and Noble Life...

Welcome my dear magnanimous sister! I am jazzed that your journey led you here and I have been waiting for you. The joy of finding your online "tribe" can only be understood by your tribe. We are high-achieving women of God who exercise professional leadership through executive oversight and management of departments, programs, or entire organizations. 

We believe wholeheartedly in personal and moral excellence as the path to authentic personal fulfillment. We hold the magnanimous belief in each person's potential for true greatness and work to achieve that for ourselves, others, and the world.

We are unique because we seek to do it through high-minded, wholehearted living centered in intimate friendship with Jesus Christ. Does this resonate with you?

  • Are you driven by a desire to excel personally professionally, and spiritually?
  • Do you also desire to help everyone in your sphere of influence (family, friends, neighbors, community, workplace) realize their personal best? 

Yes, but there are challenges...

  • despite your desire, sometimes you feel invisible, distant, and even unimportant to God
  • you feel like your spiritual life is weak, unstable, or even meaningless, and you want to change that 
  • you feel, honestly, that God is just not there when you need him most, and it hurts. Too many of your prayers seem to go unanswered
  • deep inside your soul where only God can see—you are weary, frustrated, yet hoping for change…thirsting for more.. You don’t know what to do
  •  You're actively seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus you need guidance, support, encouragement
  • You want to transform yourself, your community, and the world

A Thirst that Never Goes Away...

Regardless of where you are or how you got there, your thirst for God is relentless and real.  You’re discerning enough to realize that your possessions and achievements (intelligence, education, success, status, family, friends) can never satisfy it.  You’re at a crossroad. You don’t know the way forward.

  • There are areas of your life you know positive psychology can’t transform…habits that resist change.
  • You want to fulfill the deepest meaning of your life and learn to live less in panic, fear, shame,  discouragement, confusion and an overall lack of certainty in life
  • You need to experience compassion for yourself and others without judgment; You want to find the encouragement, joy, and grace to change, forgive, and love.
  • So how in the world do you cross the abyss of where you are into intimate friendship with Jesus?
  • You’re tired of seeking. You long to take the action…to start growing personally and spiritually with Jesus... To experience peace with God, yourself, and others.

I understand the relentless thirst of a heart longing for a satisfying relationship with Jesus and lasting change because that was my heart too.

Though silent and unseen (as St. Teresa of Kolkata once described his loving presence), the Lord Jesus is present. He sees you, loves you, and led you here…especially since you’re still reading…it’s your moment of grace!  (I’ll share mine below)


A Place to Connect, Grow, and Excel

Affirmed and Loved is an online community centered in the hope, love, and intimate friendship Jesus Christ offers to spiritual seekers who are intentional about knowing him. I want to share with you the hard-won wisdom and knowledge essential to experiencing authentic union with Jesus.

Hi, I’m Crystal Hernandez and I’m here to help you close the gap between believing in the Lord Jesus—and actually knowing his love in a deep personal way allowing it to transform you personally and spiritually.

I teach, mentor, and guide wonderful, savvy spiritual women professionals like you out of spiritual isolation and emptiness into flourishing and authentic intimate relationships with the God who gave himself at Calvary in profound love for them (and you)—the Lord Jesus Christ!


This is Your Moment of Grace!

There's absolutely no reason for you to journey alone. I'm ready to support you through hard-won wisdom so that the mercy of Jesus can help you move through the obstacles that have kept him at a distance. How to begin:

  1. First, subscribe to Ocean of Mercy podcast where you get the wisdom and practical advice to help you draw closer to our Lord, and more!
  2. Then, join me in the Ocean of Mercy Podcast Community, my private FB Community where listeners come together to explore, discuss, and learn to overcome the obstacles that keep the Lord at a distance. It's an atmosphere of respect, encouragement, like-minded friends, and prayer.

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A Snapshot…and a bit of trivia about me…(if you're interested)

  • I’m a very contemplative soul
  • Was terrified of worms as a child. Hated rain because they were everywhere.
  • I've had 4 moms (birth, foster, adopted, and now Mary, the Blessed Virgin (spiritual mom!)
  • I studied voice in college and travelled across the US and Canada performing and recruiting
  • A client named her child after me to remember the impact our work made in her family’s life!
Professional Creds
  • MS in Family Life Studies with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy; BA in Marriage and Family Relations.
  • ThriveSphere (TM), the award-winning Couple Communication (TM) and Core Communication educational programs
  • Self-paced CTA program; 60-Hour ICF approved coach specific training program Intensive Laser Coaching Coach training program through Life Coaching Group.

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