Be Magnanimous!

Strive for personal and moral excellence. You were made for such a time as this!

~ Crystal, spiritual life teacher, mentor, coach

I help high-achieving women professionals who believe in God and are leadersexercising executive oversight of departments, programs, or entire organizations—live wholeheartedly through union with Christ...transforming themselves, their communities, and the world!  ~ Crystal Hernandez

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Your heart needs "something more"...and you know there must be more because you believe in a personal God and the possibility of a life-changing relationship with him.

 My desire is to share the reality of that with you! Everything here is intentionally aimed at giving you an "inside" look at what this intimate friendship can mean for your personal and spiritual growth—and more!

Your desire for "something more" is God's gentle way of telling you that you're beautifully designed for infinitely more...Himself. You were made for God! And Jesus is drawing you to himself. He wants you to know him in the everyday "experience" of your life. I'm here to guide you toward His waiting embrace. Ready? Start below where you think you need to and I'll meet you there!

Encountering Jesus on His terms. Learn. Pray. Apply.

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Real conversations on divine love & intimate friendship with Jesus. 

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Jesus tells us everything's possible, not easy. So, I empower you. 

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About Crystal

I've pondered the deepest reason for being my whole life as I've had to work through the early loss of parents during childhood, and growing up in the crucible of foster care. I found all the hope, love and joy I never knew possible in the merciful Heart of Jesus.  This loving friendship has profoundly transformed my being.

Now, empowered by his Holy Spirit, I teach, mentor, and guide wonderful, savvy, women professionals who believe in God out of spiritual frustration into flourishing and authentic intimate relationship with the humble God of Calvary—the Lord Jesus Christ!    ~  Learn more...


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